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Sustainability is not enough

Sustainability ------- can be characterized as meeting the needs of us now, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs later.

Sustainability has three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social, informally also referred to as people, planet, and profits.

However, giving this definition a little more thought, our present can use some improvement. Sustaining something is implicitly accepting that the current state is sufficient and healthy enough to continue the status quo.

Rivers and waterways are drying up, deforestation is increasing, oceans are becoming more polluted. And summers are hotter, monsoons and consequently flooding or droughts are becoming more plentiful, typhoons are eroding our shores year by year. All are part of a vicious cycle of the causes and effects of climate change.

For several decades now, sustainable development has been held up as the solution to the world's problems. But actions speak louder than words and unfortunately, our recent legacy has been more pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change.

Perhaps instead of just sustaining the world's badly damaged ecosystems and human communities, maybe we can be more proactive. Now is our time to regenerate.

From regenerative systems, regenerative products, and regenerative thinking, sustaining is just the first step. More importantly, we need to acknowledge the need for continual improvement for our future generations. Let's take specific measures to help regenerate soils, forests, and watercourses rather than just sustain them. We have the knowledge and the technologies to make renewable energy a more substantial source of our energy needs.

Human existence and the environment need to coexist. Although we may be a part of the cause, we are also integral to the solution. By using our collective intelligence, grit, and optimism, we can make our bond with Earth not just sustainable, but even better for future generations.

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