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Our Children, Our Hope... (Part 2)

“My generation has failed to respond properly to the dramatic challenge of climate change. This is deeply felt by young people. No wonder they are angry.” This statement by UN Secretary-General António Guterres says it all. He and others have also openly supported the school strikes initiated by Greta Thunberg.

From Indonesia to the Americas, children and teenagers are seen to be walking out of their classrooms, marching on the streets to demand action on climate change. When children are united with a cause, adults take notice. With their social media savvy garnering more attention, this has led the press to take notice, which attracts even more teenagers worldwide to join the movement.

The bitter irony is that every generation works to improve their children's lives and generations to come. However, aiming at economic development has caused us to overlook the environmental aspects, such as clean drinking water, clean air, healthy crops, and homes that will not be washed away or burn into flames.

Interestingly, these teen activists don’t see the burning issue of climate change as solely environmental, but rather as a matter of global justice. They are scared for their future and are angry because their predecessors have denied them this justice.

Despite these “breaking news” movements and marches, there are many who believe that teenage activism against climate change is going to fizzle out soon. Some say that these teen leaders can do what they are doing because they know that dinner will be waiting at home. And as they get older and have careers and need to earn their own living, climate activism will get to the background.

However, activists like Thunberg and others don't see this as something they do in their spare time. Some have even built platforms where the youngest activists are aged between 8 and 10.

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